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To this point, the roles I’ve played over the course of my career have been in either Operations, or Engineering. In recent times, I’ve been working for companies that practice agile, and to be more specific, Scrum and Kanban. I also use Personal Kanban as a means tracking my own work. Although I enjoy developing products and services, I think the next frontier for my career is product management.

So, while I continue to do daily posts on my ‘coding rockstar’ journey, I’ll start to mix in conversations about the art of product development- software and applications being the product, of course.

As I’ve began to study the PM topic, I’ve found that it’s difficult to make the leap from Engineering to Product Management. I’d go as far as saying that it’s probably thrice as hard as making the leap from Operations to Engineering. Still, there’s a path that leads to Product Management- albeit the road less travelled.

Where do I start? How do I begin? To the interwebs! I started with a simple online class via Udemy (my favorite MOOC, if you didn’t already know). Entitled, “ You’re Hired: How to get a job in Product Management ”, I enrolled in this course that on the surface seemed like a great way to get a feel for what the role is like, and how an engineer like me would break in.

Long story short, I completed the course. My next post will discuss briefly what my takeaways were. In summary, the course was very informative, and gave me some great insight on what it takes to land a gig as a PM, and what it really takes to be a good PM.

At this point, there’s a lot to learn. But I think I have a really good idea to go about it. More on that tomorrow…

Jason T Clark

Jason T Clark

Father. Musician. Gamer. Coder.

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