About Jay

Jason T Clark

Since my childhood, I’ve always been fascinated by computing technology and the digital arts. It’s basically all I’ve ever wanted to be involved in. During the dot-com bubble, I dropped out of North Carolina State University and began working in the computing industry as an IT professional. Now, with over fifteen years of experience under my belt, I’ve had the opportunity to work for Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco Systems and IBM.

I'm an advocate for immersive learning, and interactive/3D simulations. Several years ago, I followed one of my lifelong dreams to be the founder of a video games studio. Even with all of the passion and ambition I could acquire, the 'startup gods chose not reveal the secret doorway' that led me to ultimate success. Still, there's no such thing as failure- I learned a lot about entrepreneurship, building teams, managing projects, and the tireless effort that it takes to make your dreams a reality.

I compared what I experienced as a failed startup founder, to what I'd heard about the OSS (open-source software) community. I often wondered how I was unable to make real progress with my startup efforts, while the open-source projects I encountered swiftly flourished into valuable solutions- without having to COMPENSATE many (if not all) of their contributors. I soon discovered that the progression issues I experienced as a startup founder have been addressed by the open, collaborative efforts that exist within OSS communities. I left my startup failures behind, and now I work in and around OSS, focusing in the area(s) of Cloud Computing.

Though my work allows me to band together with a host of software professionals around the globe, I've not forgotten about my passion. I still have a few niche projects worthy of moonlighting on, and you'll hear about them here.

This blog is written as an open chronicle about my life in the computing industry. I consider myself T shaped- a generalist across several technology skillsets, while currently delving deep into cloud computing and OSS development. Here, you can expect me to share my (own) thoughts, ideas, and the knowledge gained throughout my journey. In return, I hope you will do the same by leaving valuable feedback and insightful comments.

Why Jason.* ?

Everyone calls me Jay, but my government name is Jason. If you’re anything like me- a hacker who lives in code, then the nomenclature used here is quite obvious; the dot star (.*) represents my namespace, or in layman’s terms, “everything that is Jason”, which is what this blog aspires to represent. Me. Enjoy.

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