Thoughts on the PM Course

As stated yesterday, I completed the Product Management course at Udemy. If you need proof, here’s my certificate:


Overall, this was a great course taught by Jason Shah, a Product Manager at Yammer. Much of what was discussed were ‘things to think about’, interview tips, and several interviews of Product Managers from an assortment of variably sized companies. I was somewhat surprised to hear that most of the PMs Jason interviewed worked in engineering roles prior to taking a Product Management position. I was initially thinking that PMs are all MBAs that basically came into the role through business school, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Towards the end of the course, one of the interviewees mention a blog post by Ken Norton of Google Ventures, How to Hire a Product Manager - also an informative post about what companies should look for in a PM, so it serves as a litmus test for a person like myself thinking about what I need to bring to the table when considering PM opportunities.

In summary, here are a few notes that I made capturing the main points gathered from the course:

There were other points about the interview process, but I won’t get into those. The notes above are ideas about how to prepare yourself for Product Management and understanding what good Product Managers do; these are ideas for me to think about in my current role as an engineer, and positioning myself to eventually stepping into a PM role.

OK, back to writing code….

Jason T Clark

Jason T Clark

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