Let the Hackamonths Begin!

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Sup interwebs,

I’ve got an idea. Hear me out on this one….

Lately, my journey to rock stardom has been slowed. There are a number of programming languages, and technologies that I would like to gain an expert-level understanding with. The challenge that I often face is drifting from one topic to the other, only to realize that I’ve gained shallow knowledge in each topic of study. I’d characterize this has a horizontal approach- covering different topics daily, resulting in a shallow sense of understanding with each day that passes. To me, this is a ‘long-tailed’ approach to understanding any single topic at an expert level.

The horizontal approach helps me to increase my skill level and expertise, but it’s a slowed process. Therefore, I think it’s time for me to modify my approach and move diagonally through my technology dives, going much deeper in the technical topics that I have a keen interest in mastering.

So, here’s the plan:

1- I’ve selected several topics to cover:

Moment of truth: if I get this far, I will be ecstatic.

2- For each topic selected, I will spend one month in a deep dive on each topic- the basics for one week, the intermediate topics for another, the advanced or supporting topics another, and finishing up the month with a 1-week project. A week long project gives me enough time to figure out what project to work on, and code it, and share it publically. This way the project isn’t too small to be valueless, nor too big to be left unfinsihed.

3- At the end of the month, I will write one (large) blog post that chronicles everything that I encountered while spending the month on each topic. Blogging every day has its pluses and minuses.

This journey starts TODAY. Month One- Python. I decided to go with this topic first b/c it should bode well with my current knowledge of Python. If you’d like to keep tabs on what I plan to cover over the next 7 months, I’ve created a public that shows my learning schedule. Wish me luck. No more air guitar.


Jason T Clark

Jason T Clark

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