Day 7 - Brandywine Alpha

After completing the Ultimate Python Programming course, I’ve been psyched about keeping up the pace. It’s like the jog at the beginning of a marathon. You’re waving to all the people standing on the curb, cheering you on, even though I am well aware that the long part of the race is coming.

Right now, I’m focused on the first 3rd of the challenge- reaching day 60. I think that most of what I’ll be learning during this portion of the challenge will center around honing in on my pythonic skills- the language itself, several web frameworks, design patterns, and etc. In fact, I’m now working on a little tool I’m calling brandywine , which uses the Rotten Tomatoes API to fetch movies reviews data via command-line. Check out the code I’ve written thus far- it’s basically just scaffolding for the main BrandyWine class, but as I learn more, I’ll expand its capabilities.

As far as the education goes, I’ll be starting with Udemy’s Python Next Level course . It seems like I’ll pickup quite a bit of intermediate level skills from that. Also, since I’ve been graciously given this resource, I’ll begin the Real Python course as well. Wish me luck! Onward to day 60!

Jason T Clark

Jason T Clark

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