Day 41 - No Commits Week

No commits to this project have been made in 7 days. Here’s why:

There’s reason to celebrate- I took the leap of faith, and was hired by Cisco Systems as a Cloud Infrastructure Services Engineer. Last week was my second week on the job. The first week is always the on-boaring process (badge, laptop, access), while the second week is about getting familiar with how things are done at the new company.

This position is one that I’ve been working towards for quite some time. In a nutshell, in years past my experience was primarily around operations work. As the industry moves more towards ‘the cloud’, and the agile development process, managing infrastructure as code is widely popular around most IT shops, large and small. In addition, large IT shops are finding value with providing their infrastructure as a service to their customers, since it provides them the flexibility of ‘ordering up infrastructure’ like fast food- it’s available when they need it, and how they want it.

As an Engineer with Cisco, it’s my role to provide the architectual basis around Cisco’s cloud products. This is a new opportunity for me, especially since my history has only afforded me the chance to implement and maintain clouds. However, it’s been a career goal of mine to reach this level, which is (now revealed) the core reason why I’m learning to be a programmer- it’s because it’s becoming increasing important in my field to understand development, and to work with code to do the things we now do as operations professionals.

Python is the most important in this arena. Most of the tools I work with are either command-line utilities written for the Linux terminal environment, or Python scripts. More and more I run into projects, tools, and frameworks that are utilizing Python in some way, so I know that this journey is not in vein.

Again, in keeping up with my commitment, lately I’ve fallen short. However, I hope that this indicates the reason why. Ramping up for a new career challenge is the reason for the treason.

Jason T Clark

Jason T Clark

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