Day 36 - Blog Silence and Dotfiles

It’s been roughly a week since I’ve blogged. For reasons that can’t be explained until a little bit later, I’ve been outrageously busy. I made it a priority to try and commit something but…life hasn’t really allowed me to do so. I’m only 1/6th of the way through, and I’m finding that it will continually be hard for me to keep up. It’s much like the part of a marathon where the crowds have weened, and it’s just you and the pavement. At this point, it doesn’t matter much that I’ve missed blogging about my progress over the last week- it’s more detremental to the cause when I don’t fit in the 30mins I’ve promised to do. Still, I should put in more effort if I’m going to ultimately be successful, and this part of the race it where it counts.

While reading several articles on Python, and my latest technology interest, OpenStack, I managed to stumble on prepping my development environment. I spend alot of time inside a console, or terminal window, so it makes sense that I try to maintain a standardized way of how I operate inside the console on a daily basis.

This is how I deviated briefly from writing Python code, to prepping all of my dotfiles (aka the hidden config files for my terminal environment(s)). Have a look at my dotfiles repo, which has been recently updated to keep my terminal environment updated, and standardized across all of the workstations I use, which currently includes my Macbook, and a Fedora 20 desktop stashed under my desk at home. It includes the following:

As I brush up on how to use tmux in my dev environment, I’ll continue to add more configuration options, push them up to the repo, and make them available for anyone who sees benefit to using them. They way I do that is by creating symbolic links in my home directory for each one of the dotfiles that I’m using. It makes it easy for me to reference them as they sit inside the git repo, and if I need to modify them in any way, I can go to their natual location to do just that.

For me, making it easier to utilize the terminal through this process will only aid me in getting to the success metric each day I make the attempt to do so. Take a look at what I’ve got, and look out for the next day’s post.


Jason T Clark

Jason T Clark

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