Day 29 - More JSON work and Vagrant

First, Happy Birthday to my sister!! Think you bad now, huh? (Inside Joke)

Second, today was focused on getting my results data from Brandywine formatted correctly. As I said yesterday, I think the design shift will be to add a sub options (aka sub args) to brandywine for certain command-line flags. I think I’d be well on my way to finishing up the 1.0 version of the tool. After that, it will probably be more of the same- adding dvd searches, tv searches, and other related content categories.

Most of my time was spent on getting up to speed with Vagrant . To stop short, vagrant basically allows you to spin up and tear down dev environments very easily. As I said before, part of my journey will also be around learning the tool chain that developers use, and at the moment, vagrant is one of the more popular ones. I’m specifically spinning up a vagrant environment b/c I’ve got my eyes locked on contributing code to OpenStack Horizon , the dashboard project for OpenStack. It’s a Django app, so I think that once I’ve got Django down pat, I can jump in and begin to contribute code there. From what I’ve gathered, the preferred method of developing with OpenStack is using vagrant to spin up OpenStack in a controlled environment, then tear it down once it is no longer needed. Makes sense to me, so I might as well give it a shot. I wonder who else out there has a vagrant box setup for dev? Share your EXP plz….

Jason T Clark

Jason T Clark

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