Day 12 - A Light Day

With my training that’s been going on this week, and the exam that was completed today, my coding for today has been on the light side- not much coding at all, but I did spend some time setting up a development environment for myself using Vagrant . Since I know that web development is an upcoming topic for me, whether it’s using the Django framework, or something that is completely new for me, the MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS), I think that I want to have clearly isolated dev environments to explore my development topics. I’d heard about Vagrant in the past, but I’ve yet to have a good reason to put it to good use. Now, I think that’s changed.

After I finish up the Python Next Level course, and cover a few topics around Python web development, I’ll be looking to branch out to another technology stack, and the most interesting to me at the moment is MEAN- the entire application stack is Javascript, which is particularly attractive, since I don’t have to mentally switch gears to get things built up/out. OK, I’m just thinking out loud now. G’night interwebs. See you tomorrow.

Jason T Clark

Jason T Clark

Father. Musician. Gamer. Coder.

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